C1 VIEW FREIGHT FORWARDING Protecting You Every Step of The Way

C1 VIEW FREIGHT FORWARDING Protecting You Every Step of The Way

We Look Forward To Serving You

C1 View, the freight delivery company that gets you there

C1 View is your trustworthy resource for your trucking needs. With a commitment to quality and individualized attention, C1 View will be with you from takeoff to your destination. We are an independently owned company that will help optimize your freight experience by offering you vital networking, competitive rates, the best deals on freight and just as importantly, personalized communication.

Reasons to Choose C1 View as Your Truck Dispatching Service.

  1. We are in the office 5 days a week 8am-5pm (even on most holidays) and we are available by phone 24/7
  2. We are relationship builders and use load boards of all kinds to find the best solutions for our drivers. We also have several contacts from numerous brokerages to give us the best rates and loads possible. Remember, the market fluctuates.
  3. We work with our drivers like they’re family. Our dispatching is flexible and if you have any restrictions with loads or outside obligations, we understand.
  4. We use a factoring company service that will pay you weekly and on time, we want to ensure everyone gets paid.

    What We Can Do For You

    1. Negotiate Hard For Best Paying Rates
    2. We Talk To Brokers
    3. Dedicated Dispatcher
    4. You Pick The Areas You Want To Drive

    C1’s Quality Service

    • Quality loads at competitive prices
    • Negotiate the best deal with brokers and shippers
    • Tracking and Tracing
    • Excellent customer service with our carriers and shippers

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    C1 View is a trucking freight company that aims to negotiate the best prices for your needs. Our goal is to keep the bottom line where it needs to be — in your pocket. You pick the areas you want to drive and we negotiate for the best paying rates and quality routes.

    You work directly with the best Shippers and Brokers and they pay you. Your dedicated truck dispatcher looks at multiple load boards to find you the best dry freight, flatbed, and reefer loads.

    Simple Steps to Success

    It takes time and manpower to manage freight transactions in-house. Eliminate the hassle with C1 View's freight forwarding system, we will handle all your freight forwarding needs.


    One of the most important things to measure the success of a freight forwarding business is its expertise.

    Competitive Pricing

    It is possible to acknowledge the importance of offering competitive prices, aligned with quality services.

    Flexible Operations

    Assure your freight forwarder has the flexibility to deal with each situation individually, building the best solution to attend to their customer.

    Effective Services

    We offer effective and honest freight forwarding services.

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